Blogging – Making it Pay

Perhaps the starting point of a cash generating blog is a interesting topic, however there is decidedly more to the blog than that. There are two ways a blogger has when trying to make the content produce money from advertising: either to stay on top of other blogs or provide original material that will give you a high readership. However the first choice may look like the true Internet promise, things are fairly different when you have to accomplish a high ad click through rate. Let’s see the pros and cons of blogging when it comes to profiting from ads.

First of all, you may want to consider the number of readers you target with the blog articles, and set an average or modest click through rate in case the region you’re dealing with is not a very common one. You may get worthful clicks, but they may not be enough to develop the profit you need; therefore, always try to sustain a balance between the rate you set for the blog and the quantity of readers you manage to draw by well researched, informational content. The best Google platform to use here is decidedly AdSense, however remember that the advertisements are relevant for the website material and vice versa, hence, concentrate on quality not quantity.

One of the best ways to bring in readers and hence increase the chances to get more advertisement clicks is by the use of continuation links. All you have to do is post a link with an excerpt from the blog article and post it on the main page. The most important point is to make it interesting: the visitor sees it, interest rises and he or she clicks on the link to get to the rest of the story. If you only post the title of an article within the link, you gamble that the reader leaves the page without actually minding the post.

Don’t make the mistake of linking your blog only to top pages in the business. Yes, there are blogs that are considered reference points in the field, and you actually taking a chance of orienting the visitors attention towards the competition. Links are great tools, but they are not the only thing for a blog: first comes nice, original information, and only then should you concentrate on directing the visitor to other similar pages. The best links to use are those that take the reader to a detailed explanation of the info on your blog, while also allowing the return to the initial page. Good luck!

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